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Secession and Ethnic Conflict (fourth year)


Conflicts involving ethnic separatist groups represent some of the most violent and protracted threats to the international order. This seminar relies on scholarship from International Relations, Comparative Politics, International Political Economy and International Law to cover the central theoretical, empirical and ethical debates surrounding ethnic conflict, self-determination and secessionism. 

Instructor of Record


Developing Countries in Global Politics (second year)


This course explores the political, economic, and social issues related to development and underdevelopment, including development strategies, global institutions, foreign aid, state-building, and democratization. The focus will be on Africa, Asia, and Latin America, supplemented by attention to specific national and regional case studies.

Teaching Assistant

Developing Countries in Global Politics (second year)


Department of Political Science

Kings University College, London, Ontario

International Relations (second year)

2018/2019 & 2019/2020

Department of Political Science

Western University, London, Ontario

Introduction to Politics (first year) 


Department of Political Studies

Queens University, Kingston, Ontario